Show, don't tell.

Do you believe that your mechanic is reliable because:

  1. It’s printed on his signage out front.

  2. He offered to re-look at your car free-of-charge if the problem isn’t fixed the first time.

Do you believe that your local café is the best in town because:

  1. They say so on their Facebook page.

  2. The barista remembers your name every time even though she's always busy, and makes your coffee extra hot, just the way you like it (even if that's breaking the rules!)

Do you believe that your accountant genuinely wants to help you grow your business because:

  1. She tells you she is.

  2. Because she listens to you when you explain your business goals, calls you each month to see how your figures are tracking, and spends extra time at the end of your quarterly meeting to go over any questions you have.

The answer to all three is obvious - we don’t need to say it!

What we will tell you is that living and breathing your customer promise consistently at every step (inside your business as well as outside, publicly) is what builds long-term trust with these customers - because they’ll truly believe your hype.

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” - Anton Chekhov